Terms and Conditions of Crazy Time

Crazy Time offers a large selection of betting options together with security. To help you make the most informed and effective use of our services, we shall examine the terms and conditions of Crazy Time in full in this article. Since they are essential to maintaining mutual trust and adherence to our platform’s standards, we strongly advise all of our users to carefully read these terms and conditions.

Important Information

The most important words and ideas you will come across on our site are where we want to start. Comprehending these fundamentals will enable you to make informed wagers and fully enjoy the game. Your agreement with Crazy Time, based on our Terms of Use, governs your use of the site. Your bet’s result is dependent on the results of actual sporting events, and our sportsbook features a large selection of these events, each with unique quotations and potential outcomes. You become our customer when you place a wager, and we appreciate your confidence by making sure that each wager is fair and transparent.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that all wagers are accepted subject to the policies and guidelines provided by our business. If a wager is canceled for any of the reasons specified in our Terms of Use, it will be regarded as worthless, the odds will be reset to 1.00, and the player will receive their money back. It’s also crucial to remember that the standard match time does not include extra time, overtime, penalty shootouts, or other events; it only includes the additional time the referee designates.

Basic Terms

Crazy Time understands the value of being truthful and open with our clients. Through rigorous adherence to terms and regulations, we aim to provide a safe and responsible gaming environment. International wagers on sports and other events are accepted on our platform, and prizes are paid out upon identity verification.

Only bettors who are at least 18 years old may place bets in compliance with our terms of use and betting guidelines. Any wagers made in violation of these terms and conditions may be nullified at our sole discretion, and even if they are found after they have been placed, we will not be held responsible for them. Multi-account usage is absolutely prohibited, and we reserve the right to restrict such accounts for a maximum of two months while recalculating any winning wagers made with them. Bets made before these modifications stay in place, although the terms and conditions under which bets are accepted may change. Before making a wager, customers have to stay informed about the most recent adjustments to the betting line.

Crazy Time reserves the right to reject any customer’s wager without providing a reason. We have the right to declare any bets that are accepted worthless in the event that staff members make mistakes or violate the terms and conditions. Bets will be settled at odds of 1.00 in this instance.

For the sake of security and fairness, we keep a careful eye on every wager in case the outcomes are manipulated. If there is evidence of match-fixing, we reserve the right to declare all wagers void and to suspend additional wagers until we hear back from the relevant organizations. Strict adherence to our conditions of use, which include our customers’ need to keep their username and password secret, is how we preserve our security and fair play. All bets that are placed at betting shops or recorded on our website are legitimate and can only be canceled in compliance with our Terms of Use.

Although we acknowledge that technical difficulties might happen, once a wager has been placed and logged on the server, it cannot be canceled. By putting a wager on our website, the user attests that he or she has read and accepts the Terms of Use. In the event that there are any queries or disagreements, the client must get in touch with us right once, providing all pertinent information about the wager along with an explanation of his disagreement. Within ten days of the wager being placed, or within 72 hours of the game’s conclusion for eSports Live bets, claims concerning the settlement of bets must be made.

From the time a customer registers until the wins are disbursed, we take security and openness very seriously. We reserve the right to take appropriate action if we discover fraud or abuse by a customer, including the use of numerous accounts, automated betting systems, arbitrage betting, or misuse of reward programs. To confirm a customer’s identity and transaction details, Crazy Time’s security staff may do account checks, which may involve video conversations, and seek the required documentation. We reserve the right to halt all financial transactions while we carry out a comprehensive investigation if we have any concerns regarding the veracity of the information supplied.

Regarding online betting and gaming, it is the responsibility of the customer to abide by local legal requirements. We would like to remind you that certain countries have the authority to limit or outright forbid online gambling. It is up to the customers to determine the legality of their activities. As laws, market trends, or Crazy Time’s own policies change, the Terms of Use will be updated and amended as needed. Any updated or modified terms of use will take effect as soon as they are posted on the website. To prevent misunderstandings, it is the responsibility of the customer to consistently review the most recent version of the Terms of Use.