Top 5 Crazy Time Big Win Ever

top 5 big win

The 5 most effective bets in the Crazy Time game are listed below:

  1. “Crazy Time biggest win” was recorded in 2022, when one lucky person won a huge sum of 2.8 million euros. This round is considered the most productive;
  2. The second place is taken by the victory in the amount of 2.2 million euros, which the player received in 2022;
  3. The third place is taken by the victory in the amount of 1.9 million euros, which the player received in 2022. He was able to guess the correct sector on the wheel and got a huge win;
  4. The fourth place is taken by the victory in the amount of 1.7 million euros, which the player received in 2023;
  5. The fifth place is taken by the victory in the amount of 1.7 million euros, which the player received in 2022. 

All these victories prove that Crazy Time is a game in which you can win huge amounts of money and get unforgettable emotions.

Cash Hunt: 25 000x

Cash Hunt is one of the bonus rounds in the game Crazy Time, which can bring players huge winnings. In the Cash Hunt bonus round, players are invited to choose one of 108 coins, which depict various “multipliers”. 

On December 11, 2022 at 11:56 one of the biggest wins in the history of the Cash Hunt bonus round was recorded. The player was able to choose a coin with a “multiplier” of 25,000 x depicted on it. This meant that his bet increased 25,000 times, and he received a huge win of 2,825,169 EUR. The total number of winners in that round is about 5512 “players”.

Cash Hunt: 12 500X

On November 8, 2022, at 6:28, another major victory in the Cash Hunt bonus round was recorded. The player was lucky enough to get a “multiplier” of 12 500x and take with him a prize of 2,294,206 EUR. There were 6913 total winners in that round, but only one player took such a big win, which ranks 2nd in the ranking.

Cash Hunt: 10 000X

The big victories didn’t end there.”Crazy Time big win 2023″, one player was lucky enough on April 30 at 10:21 to get a “crazy” “multiplier” and pick up 1,768,035 euros in the round. There were 9087 total winners in this bonus round, but the record amount for the “round” went to one player.

Cash Hunt: 7 500X

Players who follow the broadcast and place bets have every chance of getting big winnings. As a player who on April 7, 2023 at 14:25 multiplied his bet by 7,500x and his winnings for the “round” amounted to 1,504,609 EUR. There were 8097 winners in total, as practice shows, in this game, each player can acquire a large prize that will go down in the history of major victories.

Pachinko Bonus: 5 600X

In this round, the player who played Pachinko Bonus on November 3, 2021, received a “multiplier” of 5600x at 01:12. When throwing the ball, he was lucky enough to double his “multiplier” 2 times, after which he received such a coefficient.

Where to follow the biggest Wins Crazy Time Game?

Each user can see the recordings of the record rounds listed above and not only them on the website or On these sites, there are records of all record rounds that brought players big winnings, there you can find out on what day the winnings were received and even at what “time”. On these sites, even minute-by-minute important events that led to a win and even tables with coefficients are painted. For the sake of interest, you can watch, study and maybe even choose a strategy for the game.

Where to Play Crazy Time Live Casino?

Crazy Time is a live game that is available in some online casinos. To find a casino where you can play Crazy Time, you can use search engines on the Internet. Since Crazy Time is quite a popular game, it can be found in many online casinos, because large winnings attract “players”.

Pros and cons of Crazy Time

pros and cons

Every online casino has positive qualities as well as negative ones. The pros and cons of Crazy Time online casino are listed below for clarity.

High Payouts: Crazy Time offers high payouts, which makes the game more attractive to “players”.
Variety of Games: There are many different games in Crazy Time that can satisfy every taste. Thanks to this, the game is more interesting and diverse.
Possibility to play from home: You can play Crazy Time anywhere, whether it’s a grocery queue, or a long ride on public transport, wherever there is internet access, the player can play.
Bonus Rounds and “Prizes”: Crazy Time has a variety of bonus rounds and prizes that can increase a player’s winnings.
Ability to play at any “time”: Crazy Time works around the clock, which allows players to play at any “time”.
High risk of losing money: Like any casino game, Crazy Time is associated with a high risk of losing money. Players should be ready for this and play responsibly.
The need to keep a close eye on their bankroll: Each player needs to control the situation with his bankroll and try not to place bets larger than his bankroll.
The need to pay a commission for the withdrawal of winnings: Some online casinos, including Crazy Time, may charge a commission for the withdrawal of winnings. This can reduce the player’s winnings.
The possibility of developing gambling addiction: players may face the risk of developing gambling addiction, especially if they play too often or bet too much money.


“Crazy Time big win today” is a good chance for every player to apply their skills and strategies to get a big win. None of the winners of the record rounds knew in advance that they could get such a win, so absolutely every player has every chance to get or even break the record with the largest “multiplier” and the largest payout for the entire existence of the Crazy Time game.


What’s the biggest win on Crazy Time?

At the moment, the “biggest win Crazy Time” is 25 000x of the bet. This happened in November 2022, when one player won $2,294,106.

How do you win big on Crazy Time?

As it turned out, a big win is possible in the online casino “Crazy Time big win”, and all the victories described above only confirm this fact. If each player approaches the game wisely, does not bet more than he can afford, uses promo codes and plays according to a certain strategy, then this will increase the likelihood of acquiring a large multiplier.

How to play Crazy Time without losing money?

Playing Crazy Time without losing money can be very difficult. To do this, the player needs to be very careful following some tips that are described below: Play smart: don’t bet more than you can afford; Play for free: the casino provides the opportunity to play for free, thus the player can choose a certain strategy for himself without losing money; Use bonuses and promo codes; Use strategies. Following these tips will allow the player to minimize the loss of money.

Do you win real money on Crazy Time?

As in any other casino game, Crazy Time has the opportunity to win real money for absolutely every user.

What is the max payout in Crazy Time?

“Biggest win on Crazy Time” is $2,294,106. This victory is considered the largest to this day.