How to play Crazy Time at Betway?

betway how to play

The Crazy Time game can be easily found on the Betway platform. The game was developed by Evolution Gaming and has an interactive structure through which the player can participate in different mini-games and at the same time receive winnings. Here is a detailed instruction of the game in Crazy Time:

  1. Login to the site. To start playing is to log in to the site. If the player has an account, he can enter his data to log in. If the player does not have an account, he must register.
  2. Select a game. After a player has registered and logged in to Betway, he needs to select Crazy Time among the available games. The player should go to the “Best Games” section to find this game.
  3. Get chips. To start playing, the player needs to get chips. They are issued to the player when he enters the game automatically. If the player wants to change bets, he can choose his bet from the drop-down list of bets.
  4. Participate in mini-games. Crazy Time offers its players to participate in mini-games, which are roulette and slots. Players can choose their mini-game and place their bets on the corresponding section of the playing field. For the start of the mini-game, it is necessary to wait for the start. It will come after a certain amount of time after the bet. After this, a live dealer will appear on the screen, who will spin the drum or start the roulette wheel.
  5. Wait for the results. After the reel or the roulette wheel stops spinning, the player will get the results of his bet. If the player guesses a number or zone on the playing field, he will win.
  6. Withdraw the winnings. When the player receives his winnings, he can withdraw them to his bank account or e-wallet. To do this, the player should go to the section “bank transactions” at Betway Casino and choose a convenient way for him to withdraw.

Registration in Casino Betway

Betway is the leader among the casinos. It gives its players enormous opportunities. So on the platform players can bet on all the most popular sports and play casino games at any time in any country of the world, including Bangladesh. To register, the user only needs:


Go to the Betway website.

The most important thing at this point is to go to the Betway website. On the main page, the player can see various sections such as Casinos, Sports, and more.



To register a player needs to click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the page. This will take him to the registration page.


Fill out the registration form.

Once the player goes to the registration page, they need to fill out the registration form. Here he should enter his first and last name, date of birth, country of residence, email, phone number, player name, and password, and confirm the password, as well as the currency.


Confirm the registration.

After the registration form is filled out the player should confirm the registration. To do this, a letter will come to the e-mail, where the player must confirm the registration. There will be a link to go to.


To make a deposit.

After the player has registered he can log in to his account and start betting. But first, he needs to make his first deposit.


To start playing.

Now the player can start playing. To do this, go to the section he is interested in and select the desired category.

How to download Betway App for Android to play Crazy Time?

android betway

If a player wants to start playing Crazy Time through an app, they can download the Betway app to their device. To do this, the user needs to adhere to the following:

  1. Go to the Betway website and register. Without an account, the player will not be able to play in the application.
  2. Go to the page to download the Betway app in the Google Play store.
  3. Click on the “Download” button.
  4. When the app is downloaded to the player’s device, it must be installed on the device.
  5. Launch the app and log in to the account.
  6. Find Crazy Time in the games section and enjoy the game process.

How to download Betway App for iOS to play Crazy Time?

ios betway

If the player wants to start playing Crazy Time through the app, he can download the Betway app to his Apple device. To do this, the user needs to adhere to the following:

  1. Open the App Store. First, the player needs to download the app to his device to open the App Store.
  2. Find the Betway app. In the app store, click on the search menu and enter the platform name.
  3. Install the app. Once the player has found the app, he needs to click on the install button.
  4. Create an account. If the player doesn’t already have an account, they need to create one. If it is already registered, then the player just needs to enter the player name and password in the right fields.
  5. Make a deposit. To start playing, the player should make a deposit. To do this, he can use different payment methods.
  6. Launch the app. Find Crazy Time in the games section and enjoy the game process.

Betway App Review

Betway is a popular app among players from Bangladesh. All this is because it allows players to bet on different sports and follow the results in real-time. Below are the features of the application that attract players so much:

Events and gamesOn the platform, the player can choose different events and games. There are both international and national sporting events in the app.
Betting lineIn the app, the player can select the rates he wants. The platform provides a large number of bets, such as bets on the result of the match, goals, timeouts, and others.
CoefficientsIn the app, odds are updated in real-time, allowing the player to react to changes in the situation in time.
Bonuses & PromotionsThe app is constantly running various promotions for its players. The user can learn more about them in the “Promotions” section.
SupportAn important aspect of the app is its support service. Players can contact support at any time to find answers to their questions and solve their problems.

How to find Crazy Time on the Betway casino site?

To find the Crazy Time game, the player needs to do the following:

  1. Go to the Betway website. The first step in searching for an app is to open a website. Therefore, the player should go to the Betway website via a computer or smartphone.
  2. Register or log in to the account. If the player has not created an account, it is necessary to create one for him to be able to play. If he has it, he just needs to log on to the platform. 
  3. Go to the casino page. On the main casino page, the player can find several sections and to find the Crazy Time game, he needs to go to the casino section.
  4. Search for the Crazy Time game. After the player is in the casino section, he should use the search function and enter the name of the game.
  5. Configure the game settings. After the player has found the game and logged into it, go to settings. Here he will be able to add Crazy Time to the favorites list, choose the betting level, and much more.
  6. Start playing. After the parameters are configured, the player can start playing!

Betway Bonuses

betway bonuses

Betway can rightfully be considered a good casino because it offers its players from Bangladesh and other countries a huge number of bonuses. In addition to the first deposit bonus, players can get some other profitable offers.

Welcome bonus

Betway provides its registered players with a welcome bonus, which includes several components. 

Firstly, this is a typical deposit bonus. It can vary from 100 to 200% and depends on the deposit made. The amount of the maximum bonus depends on the deposit amount. 

Secondly, the casino provides its players with free bets or free spins that can be used in certain games, depending on the offer. To get it, the player needs to fulfill several conditions. 

The player needs to Crazy Time register and make a deposit to his account using the available replenishment methods. Therefore, the player must complete the necessary bets to receive bonuses.

Deposit bonuses

A player from Bangladesh is offered to receive various deposit bonuses. Players can get a bonus on every deposit they make. The amount of the deposit bonus depends on the current offer and can vary from 50 to 100% depending on the amount of the deposit.


Betway can provide cashback programs to please its players from Bangladesh. This way they can earn a percentage of their bets as cashback, which can be used in subsequent games.

Free spins

Betway also gives its players from Bangladesh free spins on slot machines, which can be obtained as part of the bonus program. Players can get them by using certain promo codes and completing some tasks. Each spin offer has its requirements.

Methods of Payment

payment methods betway

Betway is a platform that allows its players to bet on sports and play at casinos. In Bangladesh, the platform offers several payment methods: 

  • Credit and Debit cards. So the player can pay with Skrill and Neteller. They ensure the security of money transfers by protecting the player’s data. 
  • Electronic wallets. The player can top up the account using Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal, as well as others. With their help, the player can quickly top up his account, and without commissions.
  •  Bank transfer. It is used for larger payments. But this method takes time and can take from two to five days. 
  • Mobile payments. In Bangladesh, mobile payments are available to players through the Skrill and Neteller systems, which allow using mobile wallets.

How to deposit and withdraw money at Betway

For the player to start playing, he needs to deposit funds into his account. There are several ways to do this. To deposit to an account, the player needs to:


Go to the platform’s website and register.

The user is required to click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner. Then the player needs to fill in the necessary fields where he should specify personal information and come up with a player name and password.


Select the method of depositing funds.

There are several methods for depositing funds, including credit cards, e-wallets, and more. To select the desired method, click on the “Deposit” button and select the desired method of replenishment.


Enter the amount

It all depends on which method the user has chosen. The minimum and maximum deposit amount depends on it, which may vary. The player needs to click enter the required amount and click on “Pay”.


Confirm the deposit of funds.

After the funds are deposited, the player will receive a notification about the successful operation. Now the player can start playing!

To withdraw their funds, the player needs to: 

  1. Go to the platform’s website. To do this, click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner. 
  2. Select the withdrawal method. There are several methods for depositing funds, including credit cards, e-wallets, and more. To choose one of the convenient options, click on the “Take out” button and select the desired output method. 
  3. Enter the amount. The player needs to click enter the required amount and click on “Withdraw”. 
  4. Confirm the withdrawal of funds. After the funds are withdrawn, the player will receive a notification about the successful operation.
strategy & tips

Strategies and Tips for Playing Crazy Time on Betway

Some strategies can help the player hit the jackpot in Crazy Time: 

  1. Learn the rules of the game. The first thing the player needs is to learn the rules of the game itself. This is necessary so that the player understands the very essence of Crazy Time and its features. 
  2. Use a betting strategy. So, there are certain Crazy Time strategies
  • To bet on player-friendly sectors. The Pachinko and Coin Flip sectors are the most profitable. 
  • Use bids for coverage. This means that the player needs to place several bets on different sectors. 
  • Don’t bet on every spin. The player needs to make some bets but doesn’t play too aggressively.

Overview of Betway 

Betway is one of the largest bookmakers in the world. It is licensed in the UK, Malta, and the European Commission countries, which proves its reliability. In addition, the bookmaker pays great attention to the safety of its players, using modern technologies. 

Betway also provides a huge selection of services and offers more than 20,000 daily betting events. In addition, the bookmaker has an excellent program of bonuses and promotions for its players.

Advantages Betway for Crazy Time

So how do Betway and the Crazy Time game differ from the rest:

  • A large selection of bets and high odds. 
  • The best conditions for players. 
  • High level of security and integrity of the game. 
  • player-friendly interface and ease of play. 
  • Highly qualified player support.
advantages betway


Thus, after analyzing Crazy Time on Betway, I concluded that this is one of the best bookmakers for the game. There are some advantages here, including an extensive selection of bets, large odds, a high level of security, and much more. So Betway can rightfully be called the best.


What payment methods are available on Betway?

There is a huge selection of withdrawal and withdrawal methods available for players from Bangladesh. They include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and much more.

What bonuses can I find on Betway?

Both new and long-time players of the platform can find themselves some generous bonuses, including a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus, cashback, and much more.

Are there any tactics for playing Crazy Time?

Yes, such tactics exist and every player can use them. But first, he needs to learn the rules of the game to know all the features and its subtleties.

Can I trust Betway?

Of course! The platform has many licenses, which ensures its integrity and security.

Does the bookmaker have an app?

Yes, and it is available both for players with Android devices and for those players with Apple technology.