Crickex offers its players many advantages when playing Crazy Time, among them:

Dynamic and intense gameplay.
Excellent payouts, which are made instantly.
Possibility to use different winning game strategies.
High performance of the game.
Quality design and user-friendly interface.

These factors result in a great gaming atmosphere and a good option for spending time. Every new user on the board can try this game and feel all its advantages.

How to play Crazy Time at Crickex? 

crockex how to play

The Crickex platform has a great interface, so it’s easy to understand the navigation, even a new user will find the right game section. Below is information on how to get started in the game on the platform:

  1. Sign up and log in to your Crickex account.
  2. Start your gaming experience by making your first deposit.
  3. Find Crazy Time in the game lobby.
  4. Get familiar with the game’s interface.
  5. Start playing by placing bets.
  6. Observe the progress of the game.
  7. If you win the game, you will receive your winnings.
  8. Keep playing and discover other opportunities offered by Crickex.

Playing this game, you will get a lot of emotions and of course experience a unique gaming experience, including the use of different game variations, versatile gameplay supported by a colorful interface, and an exciting atmosphere.

Registration in Casino Crickex

Registration is a mandatory process that allows the user to access all the features and capabilities of the platform. Registration on Crickex is very quick and fast. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to complete it, it’s a Crazy Time registration step-by-step guide:


Step 1

First of all, open the convenient browser on your mobile device and go to the official Crickex website.


Step 2

Once on the platform, find the account registration button, it will be located in the upper right corner, marked in green, with the inscription “Sign Up”.


Step 3

Click on this button to start the registration process.


Step 4

After clicking on the button. the registration window will open, where you will need to provide some personal information and fill in the registration fields, among which: You need to come up with a nickname. Create a strong password. Then confirm it. Choose the currency you want. And enter the refer code, which will activate additional bonuses, if you have one.


Step 5

After that, check the correctness of the information you entered and proceed to the next step of registration by clicking on the arrow below.


Step 6

You can completely complete the registration process by entering the necessary personal information, including: Your full name. Your cell phone number. And also your email address.


Step 7

Next, you will need to confirm the registration of your account by solving the captcha by typing in the verification code.


Step 8

The final step is to press the “Confirm” button.

Thus, the registration of the Crickex’s account can be completed in just a few minutes by following the given instructions and accordingly getting full access to the services of the platform.

How to download Crickex App for Android to play Crazy Time?

crockex android

The platform offers its users the option of using a mobile application, which adds mobility and convenience to the use of services. Android users can install Crazy Time Crickex mobile application without any problem, you can do it directly through the official website. Below is a detailed instruction, following which you can start using the application without any problems:

  1. Visit the official website of the platform using the mobile browser of your phone.
  2. The next step is to find the mobile apps section. 
  3. It will be located In the upper left corner of the screen, you will notice a phone icon located to the right of the Home icon, click on it and go to the next step.
  4. Load the app, redirecting to a new page. 
  5. On this page, select the white text that says “Android download” and the apk file will start downloading. If it doesn’t start, make sure your phone allows downloading from unknown sources and try again.
  6. Once the apk file is successfully downloaded, go to the next step – install it.
  7. Simply open the apk file and you will be prompted to install a full-fledged Crazy Time app
  8. Wait for the installation to complete and the application icon will appear on your smartphone’s home screen. 

The app is very easy to use and offers great functionality. Using it you can play at any place you like, it provides great variability and variety to the gameplay.

How to download Crickex App for iOS to play Crazy Time?

crockex app ios

At the moment there is no full-fledged Crazy Time Crickex application on iOS devices. At the moment, the developers are actively working on its development. The application is in the final stages of development and will soon be released. As an alternative to the mobile application, the iPhone user can use the mobile version of the official site, which is perfectly optimized for mobile devices and has excellent features that result in its high performance and speed of use. Users are provided with an excellent option to use the mobile version of the platform, which gives them the opportunity to use it quickly.

Crickex App Review

The Crickex app is one of the best options for online casino and sport betting enthusiasts, as you will find plenty of events to bet on and of course a diverse and extensive library of games that will appeal to the most experienced and novice player. The application is free to download and offers various advantages that have a positive impact on the process of using the platform, among them:

Advantage Description
User-friendly interface Crickex has an intuitive and attractive interface, making it easy to use even for beginners. The main functions and sections are easily accessible through the navigation menu.
Live streaming functionThe app allows its users to watch live cricket matches, allowing fans to keep up to date with current events and follow the game in real time.
Prediction featureHere you will find a match prediction feature. Users can make their predictions and compete against other participants to showcase their cricket knowledge and skills.
NotificationsThe app offers customizable notifications for matches, event lists, news, and other updates. This helps users stay on top of events and not miss important moments.
Great performance characteristics The application works without interruptions and lags, and the gameplay runs smoothly. There are no problems in the process of using the platform. 

There are not many platforms on the market that offer this range of player amenities. The platform takes care of the player’s convenience and always finds the best options to provide. The platform also uses the best methods to protect the user’s personal information from 3rd parties. All of this only has a positive effect on the functioning and user’s experience of both the app and the official site.

How to find Crazy Time on the Baiji Casino site? 

As mentioned earlier, the navigation of the platform and its main sections is organized very simply and logically. It will also be easy for a new user to learn and adapt to navigate the platform. Below is the instruction that serves as a guide on how to find the Crazy Time Crickex game. These steps include:

  1. Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the Crickex website.
  2. If you already have a Crickex account, log in. Otherwise, create a new account.
  3. Once logged in, locate the search or navigation bar on the site.
  4. Type the word “Crazy Time” in the search bar and press Enter, or click the search icon.
  5. Look through the search results to find a specific Crazy Time game or section, which can be categorized as casino games or live casinos.
  6. Navigate to the game or section you want by selecting it.
  7. Once you enter the game, you can start playing and enjoy the thrilling experience it offers.

As you can see from the above steps, it is not difficult to find a game on the platform, you do not need to visit many places or go from section to section, everything is organized very conveniently.

Crickex Bonuses

crockex bonuses

The platform offers players a wide Crazy Time bonus range, its list significantly varies and every sort and variation of bonuses offer unique prizes that players can very profitably use. Each user will find a bonus that suits him because the list of offerings is diverse. The following will be bonuses and various promoting events that players can activate and receive appropriate rewards.

Welcome bonus

On any platform providing sports betting and online casino services, the welcome bonus is one of the main and very profitable. Unlike the common practice of many companies, which limit their bonus offers to a welcome bonus only, Crickex takes a unique approach. Instead of providing a welcome bonus, they choose to offer a comprehensive bonus program immediately after players sign up. This approach gives players access to a variety of betting and gambling bonuses that are conveniently located in the Promotions section. This way, instead of getting frustrated by the lack of a welcome bonus, players can quickly explore the extensive section showcasing the full range of promotions available at Crickex.

Deposit bonuses

On the platform, there are various bonus promotions, the activation of which requires depositing a certain amount of money. The list of these bonuses includes:

  • Refer a friend bonus – because to activate this bonus the player must deposit 1,500 BDT. If this condition is met, both players, the inviter and the invitee, will receive 200 BDT in their accounts.
  • Weekly Lucky Draw – this bonus gives away unique prizes, such as a new iPhone 14, under the terms of the bonus, for each deposit of 1,000 BDT you get one access to the weekly draw. There can be an infinite number of attempts to get the bonus.

These were some of the bonuses that require a certain amount of money to activate.


Players can take advantage of the bonus that offers cashback. To receive it you only need to participate in games on Evolution slots. Players have the opportunity to receive 5% cashback on their losses, starting from 50 BDT. The amount of cashback is credited every Monday and is automatically transferred to the player’s account. This account can be used for both online casino games and sports betting.

Free spins

At the moment, the platform does not offer a bonus with free spins as a reward. However, from time to time bonuses of this kind appear. Keep track of the active list of bonuses in the “Promotions” section.

Methods of Payment

payment methods crockex

The platform offers a wide range of popular and convenient payment methods that players from Bangladesh are free to use. Each payment method on the platform is widespread and there are no additional transaction fees. Below are the main available payment methods, using which the player can make deposits and withdraw winnings, among them:

  • UPI;
  • PayTM;
  • iPay;
  • PhonePe;
  • Bank Deposit
  • IMPS and more. 

Using these payment options, transactions performed by the user will be processed within the shortest time possible.

How to deposit and withdraw money at Crickex

As mentioned earlier, operations on depositing funds to the personal account of the account as well as their withdrawal are carried out very quickly. Below are detailed instructions on how to properly perform them, starting with making a deposit:


Step 1

To get started, log in to your Crickex account by visiting the website and entering your credentials.


Step 2

Locate the Deposit button by hovering over your profile and clicking on it.


Step 3

Choose your preferred method of deposit from the options offered.


Step 4

Enter the necessary details, including the desired deposit amount and any additional information about the transaction.


Step 5

Click “Deposit” to complete the process

After that, the money will be instantly credited to your account. 

The next step is the instruction for the withdrawal of funds:

  1. First, access your account by logging in. Visit the website and enter your login information.
  2. Find the “Withdrawals” button. Click on your profile icon and select the “Withdraw Funds” option. 
  3. Select your preferred method of withdrawal from the available options.
  4. Provide the necessary information. Select the amount of funds you want to withdraw from your account and enter any other necessary transaction information. Finally, click on the “Withdraw” button.

The processing of the withdrawal transaction will take less than an hour.

strategy & tips

Strategies and Tips for Playing Crazy Time on Crickex

There are different game strategies for playing in the game. Each player chooses a tactic that is convenient for him. However, there is a winning Crazy Time strategy, the points of which are given below:

  1. Bet on a pair of numbers, such as number one and number ten.
  2. Top Slot consistently assigns multipliers to numbers, with one number occurring more often than the others. This increases your chances of getting a significant win, rather than relying only on bonuses.
  3. Allocate enough bets for each bonus number to ensure that you get a return on your investment when less-paying bonus rounds roll out.
  4. Make sure your winnings exceed the total amount you wagered on numbers 1 through 10.

Using this strategy, you can significantly increase the bank and start a win-win streak in the game.

Overview of Crickex 

Crickex is a trusted online casino and sports betting platform with an audience of thousands. It is a reliable platform that provides an extensive gaming library, high-quality gameplay, regular events, and promotions. Below is information about the basic aspects of the platform:

Year of foundation2019
Gaming license Curacao gaming license
Software versions PC, Android app, mobile website
Accepts BDT as a currencyYes
Minimum deposit 250 BDT
Customer support Available 24/7

Crickex is a high-quality service, it is very easy to make sure of this in a practical way.

Advantages Crickex for Crazy Time

crockex advantages

It was mentioned earlier that Crazy Time Crickex has several advantages that set both the platform itself and the game apart from competitors in the market. Below are the main advantages of the game on the platform:

  • The presence of a live croupier with whom you can interact. 
  • Gameplay intensity and dynamism. 
  • A fascinating game atmosphere.
  • The presence of a wide choice of bonuses, which can be involved in the game. 
  • Unique bonus features at Crickex.

Considering these advantages, it should be noted that Crickex offers some of the best gaming conditions on the market.


Playing Crazy Time on Crickex is guaranteed to be a thrilling experience and to experience all the redness and richness of the game’s gameplay. It is incredibly satisfying to win in this game, considering the unique atmosphere of the game recreated through the various gameplay aspects. I believe that Crickex is an ideal platform to play online and earn money. Applying smart game strategies and tactics, with some effort you can achieve this.


Is Crazy Time Crickex safe?

Yes, the platform uses state-of-the-art methods to protect its users and their information from 3rd parties.

How much you can win in Crazy Time Crickex?

Playing Crazy Time allows you to win prizes with a maximum value of 25,000 times your initial bet.

Is it possible to play Crazy Time for free?

No. This is a live casino game, at which the minimum bet is 100 BDT.

How quickly does the money come if I win?

If you win, the winnings will be immediately credited to your account.

In case of problems with the game, where should I apply?

Crickex support team is a highly qualified specialist, who will help you to solve any problem at any time. Support is available 24/7.