Please familiarize yourself with the principles and important provisions of Crazy Time’s privacy policy. The company goes above and beyond to secure users’ personal information and assures users’ privacy when utilizing the site’s services.

These standards include every aspect of information processing carried out by company staff and are aimed at users, partners, suppliers, and other parties that give data to Crazy Time.

When a user uses, interacts with, or collaborates with Crazy Time services, personal data is gathered by company personnel. When a player interacts with the platform for the first time and provides personal information, either directly or indirectly—for example, through the use of cookies—this process starts.

A website may store small text files called cookies in your browser while you are there. They save a range of data, such as the selected language, account details, visit history, and settings preferences, to make navigating the site’s pages easier.

By using the appropriate options in your browser, you can restrict the use of cookies. If you would want more detailed information about managing cookies, please contact the respective browser developers.

The Company may, among other things, get personal data from trustworthy contract partners for certain purposes, such as strengthening defenses against fraudulent schemes, abiding by legal and regulatory requirements, or improving the user experience of the gaming services.

To benefit from Crazy Time’s offerings and services, the user must accept the terms of this privacy policy and ensure that the information they provide is complete and accurate. It is imperative to understand that providing the organization with erroneous, outdated, or incomplete information will result in your complete accountability.

What Kinds of Data Does Crazy Time Collect?

Users voluntarily give Crazy Time their contact and personal information throughout the registration process. The main objectives of the method are to guarantee service quality, optimize user interaction with the gaming platform, and comply with contractual, legal, and regulatory obligations. User data is also used by the company for marketing. A guarantee of confidentiality is provided, and throughout the data collecting and processing process, accountability and transparency are maintained.

The data that is gathered includes: date of birth, nationality, full name, and permanent dwelling address are necessary for registration. Contact information includes: a cell phone number and email address.

Some of the types of information that might be collected include facts on a person’s professional activity, bank account information for financial transactions, and socioeconomic status and financial well-being.

Crazy Time maintains the right to supplement user-submitted data with additional information gleaned from public or private sources. This is necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, combat wrongdoing, and further research and commercial goals. This information may have come from data suppliers, business partners, service providers, and other related organizations. The entire data collection procedure is handled transparently and responsibly, ensuring total confidentiality and protecting user data.

Information About Web-Browsing Devices

Apart from providing notice to customers, the Company keeps an eye on their online activities and the devices they utilize to access the gaming platform. This is necessary to ensure security, collect data, and improve customer comfort when using the services.

This data comprises the pages viewed, the duration of game sessions, the user’s location, IP addresses, device specifications, web browser and operating system, and other usage-related data. To gather the necessary data, cookies and other unique technologies are employed.

How Does Crazy Time Handle User Information?

Player data is actively used by Crazy Time staff members to improve customer support and offer the greatest gaming products.

The principal uses of the collected data are as follows:

  • performance of commitments under signed contracts for products and services;
  • identity confirmation, approval, and evaluation of requests to create contracts for Crazy Time products and services;
  • monitoring the legality of financial transactions;
  • response to user inquiries and remarks;
  • communication with players via phone, text message, WhatsApp, email, or other available media;
  • continuous improvement of Crazy Time’s offers, including extensive data collection on agreements with individuals and companies to increase the range of products and services available;
  • advertising gaming-related products and services as well as the offers provided by the Site’s affiliates through marketing, market research, and opinion surveys;
  • addressing matters of technology and security;
  • protecting the stability of the financial system as a whole, the safety of Crazy Time players, and to stop and prevent financial irregularities, fraud, and misbehavior;
  • delivering the paperwork needed for judicial and administrative actions;
  • adherence to all legal and regulatory standards; adherence to court and supervisory body rulings;
  • gathering statistical information and performing research and surveys regarding the use of gaming-related products and services.

User Rights

Personal information of the subject is securely stored for as long as they utilize Crazy Time’s products or services. Even after a player account has been closed, the Company is still permitted to maintain player personal information on file for as long as required by regulatory bodies.

Any person whose data is handled on the Site may request the following information and actions from Crazy Time:

  • confirmation that your information is being collected and managed;
  • gaining entry to personal information;
  • altering any incomplete, erroneous, or outdated data;
  • deleting or blocking data that is no longer needed or that doesn’t follow the law;
  • deletion of personal information, if Crazy Time has previously given his approval for processing;
  • data transfer to a different service provider or video game product;
  • information about the consequences of objecting to the processing of your data and how to do so.